Optimumtread Inc is Journeying Towards Tyre Retreading Success

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Optimumtread Inc (OTI) and GIIB’s partnership started 7 years ago with meeting OTI’s owners who still run the largest bereavement care company in the Philippines.

Running a retreading factory requires a completely different approach and business model. GIIB gave OTI the needed advice and close support and pointed them in the right direction. So began a winning partnership of two specialists in their own fields of expertise.

As an officially appointed GIIB Supercool Retread Franchisee, OTI received full support from us. Not only did we provide the machines, training and plant set-up, our consultancy team also looked into their financial planning. The last two years were spent going through many workshops and sessions with OTI to continuously strengthen it in all aspects, including its marketing plan, operational efficiency, financial planning, and management.

We were, and are, committed to OTI’s success, walking them through the required stages. Today, with our help, OTI is well on its way to being the leading tyre retreader in the Philippines.

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