Should Fleet Managers Know About Tyres?

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Managing a fleet is tough, especially when rapidly increasing fuel prices affect almost every aspect of the business. Fleet managers are pressured to reduce costs just to maintain the already tight margins. Fleet maintenance requirements include tyres, lubricants, oils and petrol tend to be costly. New trucks also cost more to buy and finance, while extending the life-span of older vehicles mean high-dollar repair costs and increased cost-per-mile productivity.

When one is juggling expenses, the temptation is always there to cut corners in order to save. For example, using cost effective tyres may increase savings, but are cheaper tyres safe enough? A fleet manager has a duty to ensure that the lives of the drivers are not put in danger. Simply trusting fast-fit garages to choose the right tyres or retreads is also not enough. The fleet manager must understand tyres and know what make, tread patterns, speed ratings and loadings of the tyres are right for his trucks. This is because although tyres may all look the same, the premium, second-line and budget tyres all have different standards of quality and safety. Buying cheap products may cost lives.

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