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Congratulations to Emirates Transport on being conferred the prestigious Dubai Chamber Corporate Social Responsibility label by the U.A.E. government for the 6th consecutive year.

In 2013, we reported that Emirates, the largest transport company in the Middle East, was poised to take the U.A.E. by storm when they became a GIIB Supercool Franchiser.

Two reasons make the Emirates project a laudable achievement for GIIB. It’s one of the U.A.E. government-contracted projects that was delivered ahead of schedule, and we’ve been honoured with two awards by the U.A.E. government:

1. for being so impressively efficient, and ​

2. for contributing to a greener environment.

Its Tyre Retreading Unit was also honoured as a runner-up in the category of ‘Partnerships and Collaboration’ for its leading environmental investment project. With Supercool premium retreads for its fleet of over 13,000 vehicles and other transport companies, Emirates is helping to make the U.A.E. a much greener place by reducing tyre wastage.

“The fastest way to set up an efficient retreading plant is to partner with an expert in retreading.”

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